What can you expect at your microblading appointment?

Your Big Brow Day is here! Will it hurt? So many questions, am I right? Let me break it down for you so you can enjoy your microblading appointment instead of having the kind of anxiety that takes out all the fun of doing something nice for yourself.

Well, there’s going to be a LOT of time spent numbing. at your microblading appointment. I prefer to numb my clients upon arrival for a minimum of 15 minutes. As an esthetician previously trained in medical aesthetics and injections, I understand how the skin can¬†swell slightly from the topical lidocaine. However, I’m also trained to be able to see and plan for that response. Anyone who wants to microblade you without numbing you first reminds me of the crazy dentist from Little Shop of Horrors. If that’s your thing, cool. I’d rather minimize your discomfort and rely upon my expertise and training.

In addition to numbing at the beginning of your appointment, I also numb throughout the entire process. Lots of numbing means lots of free time. I love visiting with my clients. It’s the second-best part about what I do — meeting and getting to know you! But, I also understand that most of you are juggling a million things that women are responsible for managing as CEO of their lives, their families, and their businesses/careers. Use this time to either check out of all that responsibility and indulge in a good fashion magazine, listen to a podcast, or watch something streaming. Or, get that work done with our complimentary WiFi. We have the space to sit and work or relax.

What else can you expect at your microblading appointment?

The process of microblading itself is a surprisingly easy experience. After numbing, I will take several before and after pictures. Please be patient during this time as pictures are an important part of tracking your success. (Like any success, we often forget where our journey started. It is good to have a scrapbook of befores to reflect upon.) Next, we shape the brows as needed. Then, we draw on a template and consult with one another on shape, preference, etc. Please remember, human faces are not symmetrical. Our goal is to create sister-brows that are appropriately proportional to your very different sides to your face. Perfect symmetry is creepy and unattractive. Don’t believe me? See these celebrities with symmetrical faces as published by Buzzfeed. Channing Tatum’s makes me sad.

Next step? We blade! Yep, we make a first pass – just 8-10 strokes on each side – and let the pigment sit for a few minutes and absorb into the skin. Then, we wipe it off and, you guessed it, we numb again! I TOLD you there was a lot of numbing, didn’t I? After a short wait, we will go in for a second pass, then marinating with pigment, then more numbing, then more work, then sitting with pigment for the final time. After 15 to 20 minutes, we wipe you down and reveal those gorgeous brows!

Moral of the story? Get ready for a lot of lounging about, a little bit of patience while I work, and a whole lot of beautiful brow at the finale.

How much time should you plan on for your microblading appointment?

I schedule each appointment for 3 hours so we have PLENTY of time to consult, strategize, and create. When it comes to your brows, there’s no need to rush.

Still have questions about your microblading appointment?

Please check our FAQ page for more information about how to prepare, what to expect after, and any other questions you may have.

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