The cost of microblading procedures can vary greatly. Why? Several reasons effect the cost of microblading. Most importantly, it is a response to two driving factors.


First, The Market supports what it supports. Economics is king. Also, the overhead is pretty high when you are tattooing faces.


Second, technical expertise. If Economics is King, Marketing is Queen, right? Some microblading artists charge more because they feel their time is worth $X or because they want to increase the perceived value of their service. Conversely, some artists are very new or inexperienced and are charging below market rates because they agree that their work is not yet good enough to charge what the procedure is worth. This is precisely why I myself sometimes run “Model Pricing” specials – because I want to work on a specific technique and I value your trust in me as I practice and perfect my craft before “going to market” at full price.


Pricing at Effortless Beauty Clinic is reviewed on a quarterly basis via national, regional, and local market research and price comparison to insure I am able to provide the best service at the best value to my clients. Feeling beautiful is a right, not a privilege…at least in my world.




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