Sad but true, oily skin will impact the efficacy of your microblading procedure. This does not mean that everyone with oily skin cannot or should not be microbladed. However, it does mean that you should educate yourself on the possible outcomes for your skin type and make your decisions or adjust your expectations based on that information.

Why is microblading typically not recommended for clients with oily skin or large pores?


The reason is simply that the excess oil production will cause migration. Those initially beautiful hairlike strokes will quickly begin to migrate into a softly shaded or blended effect instead of retaining the look of individual hairs. Additionally, the enhanced oil production means that your skin’s cellular clean up crew is working overtime. Meaning, your pigment will also fade more rapidly than your less oily bestie. The upside? Your skin will remain better hydrated, luminous, and youthful years longer than that same bestie.


You want brows. You deserve brows. Here are our solutions.


Option 1 is to be on a maintenance plan that means you come in for a microblading touch up every 3 months. Option 2 is to consider a different technique during your session, such as powder brows or microshading. Both of these techniques work with your skin type to deliver longer lasting results. The results look different from microblading in that we do not create hairstrokes with a manual tool throughout the entire brow. Instead, we use either our cosmetic micropigmentation machine or a hand tool to create a light shading in the area that looks as if the brow has been filled in with brow powder. The results are still natural looking, semi-permanent brows, but with more definition.


Bonus: now that microblading is becoming so mainstream and advanced techniques are being implemented by advanced artists, powder brows and microshading are going to be the next big thing in brows. Oily skinned clients just get to be ahead of the curve.


Regardless of the option you choose, Effortless Beauty Clinic will be sure you can wake up and rock your day, effortlessly.

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