I’m Sharing My Top 3 Summer Skin Care Tips for Texans Before the Heat Hits

This time of year is rife with allergies, stresses, and increasing heat. Here are my favorite tips for keeping your skin healthy through the hot months PLUS a bonus tutorial video starring Amanda-Marie with a tutorial on how to de-puff and lift like a pro.

Tip 1: Stay Hydrated All Day Long

This means water internally and hydrating externally. My favorite Summer hydrators for skin are hydrosols and mists. For those of us who are crunchy types and love plant medicine (me!) the Laurel Hydrating Elixirs are plant magic in a bottle. Elixir I is for Normal/Dry/Sensitive skin and features Rose, Marshmallow, Astragalus, and Calendula to support hydration, plumping, strengthening of telomeres, reducing inflammation, stimulating surface immunity, and supports microbiome balance. Elixir II addresses support + recovery in Oily/Reactive/Acneic/Inflamed skin. It features German Chamomile, Turmeric, Helichrysum, and Meadowsweet to reduce redness, itching, and irritation, reduce redness and increase vibrancy, calm swelling and inflammation while supporting cellular healing, reduce the appearance of scars and broken capillaries. And, of course, we have the fan favorite Watermelon Mint Hydrating Misty by Sorella Apothecary. Suitable for all skin types, this Hydrating Mist features watermelon fruit extract, peppermint, rosemary leaf extract, white tea leaf extract, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. You’ll see a balance in oil production, leaving the skin tighter yet revitalized and hydrated. The smell alone is the perfect escape in the middle of your day. Pro TIP: transfer your hydrosol or toner to a travel spray bottle so you can refresh throughout the day without weighing down your purse. 😉

Tip 2: Re-Apply Your Sunscreen

The top question I’m always asked is about sunscreen. What do I like best? Which brand? Etc. I’ve carried the Tropical Matte and Quench SPFs from Sorella for almost 5 years and I’m equally in love with them. They do NOT leave whitecast if applied correctly. Don’t just slather them on like you would moisturizer and then get ticked that the white of the minerals present themselves. Zinc and Titanium Dioxide need to be warmed up and then pressed onto the skin. Portion out onto your hands and then rub hands gently together and then press onto the face, neck, and chest. Use any left over on the backs of your hands. You’re 60+ self will thank you later.

Another note on SPF: Just find what works for you, your skin, and your lifestyle and use it everyday. Reapply every two hours. Set a phone reminder until you make it part of your daily habit. Again, your future self will thank you. UV is shredding your skin cells to pieces. Give them some armor to protect themselves please.

A few more points on sun protection…I know re-applying seems like too much to ask. In that case I recommend additional layers of support for your skin. I’ve used Osmosis’ Sun Defense Elixir for the past two years with amazing success. Add 5 pumps to a glass of water 60-90 minutes before sun exposure. I also add to my water bottle for continued support on hikes, playground escapades, pool time, etc. and have had great success. I can also recommend hats, lightweight long sleeves, and shade. Lots of Shade!

Finally, one of the first things I fell in love with in skincare as a child was the smell of Hawaiian Tropic. Yeah, not the best, right? But the Sun Body Oil by Laurel Skin is a whole plant medicine approach to sun exposure planning. Every ingredient in the Sun Body Oil has been clinically studied or historically used for its ability to assist in preventing UV induced oxidative damage or its ability to repair damage after too much sun exposure. Defense + Repair is the name of the game here…especially in Texas summers. Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Rosehip Seed Fruit + Oil, and Gemstone Essence work synergistically to protect against UV damage and inflammation while working to enhance the skin’s natural response to sun exposure repair. If using in addition to Zinc-based sunscreen, the Sun Body Oil should be applied first, followed by the sunscreen.

Tip 3: Keep Your Lymphatic System Happy Through the Summer

The early days of summer brings with them a variety of illnesses like the flu, or whatever new Covid variant has manifested. For many people, there is an increase in outdoor and social activity during the summer, and that can expose a lot of us to viruses and other illness sources that we don’t always encounter on a regular basis. Unfortunately, any bout with sickness can sideline you from summer fun while you work to recover your health. (Personally, every trip we took last summer was thwarted by a summer cold.) This year I’m determined to manage it better. One way to ward against the possibility of ruined plans and ensure that you don’t miss a moment of summer thrills is to take the steps necessary to keep your immune system at optimal levels. A lymphatic drainage massage can be an important part of that effort! I recommend doing something daily to support your lymphatic system…This includes exercise, yoga, dry brushing, and Gua Sha. Hands-down our favorite Gua Sha tool is the Amna! As professionals we are obsessed with the thousands of ways we can use it. As at-home users we are even more amazed by the quick and easy results we achieve.

Please check out this short tutorial by Amanda-Marie on a few new ways we have been using the Amna to move congested lymph in the face and neck.

Let me know if you found any of this useful or have questions about how to implement these tips.


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