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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a manual technique for semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing primarily on the eyebrows, but advanced artists are now also applying the technique to be used on lips and lash line. A manual process allows for greater control over the depth and implantation of the pigment into the dermis. Results last approximately 12 to 18 months. Maintaining results is simple with touch up sessions recommended every 9 months for fair skin, light-haired clients and every 12 months for everyone else. Clients who prefer a stronger, fresher brow year-round may choose to have a refresh session every 3 to 6 months.

What is Nanobrows?

Nanobrows utilizes a digital device to create the same hair stroke aesthetic as microblading. However, due to a smaller diameter single needle and a more controlled depth, there is less trauma the skin of the brow area. This not only reduces discomfort, but it also supports the integrity of the skin thus providing faster healing and longer-lasting results. Additionally, Nanobrows allows for greater artistic freedom for your brow artist. Where with microblading we may have to address an area of concern in the second session, with Nanobrows we can address almost anything immediately, increasing your overall satisfaction with the final design.

Results last approximately 12 to 24 months and in some cases longer. Maintaining results is simple with touch up sessions recommended every 12 months.

Clients who prefer a stronger, fresher brow from morning till night should ask about a hybrid or powdered brow that provides a look more in line with how one might look with eyebrow powder on their brows.

Does it hurt?

Most everyone is surprised at how little discomfort they feel! We use a topical anesthetic before and during the procedure to ensure your comfort.

How long do results last?

Microblading lasts 1 to 2 years for most people. However, most clients seek a refresh of their microblading between 9 to 12 months in order to keep their brows looking on point. Fairer clients or clients with fairer hair require more frequent touch-ups than those with darker hair or darker complexions. Nanobrow results typically last twice as long as microblading results.

How long is the microblading/nanobrows appointment?

It usually takes 2.5 hours, with most of the time spent going over colors, drawing eyebrow shapes, and numbing. The microblading portion lasts 30-45 minutes.

How much does microblading or nanobrows cost?

The cost of brow procedures can vary greatly. Why? Several reasons affect the cost of microblading. Most importantly, it is a response to two driving factors. First, The market supports what it supports. Economics is king. Also, the overhead is pretty high when you are tattooing faces. Second, technical expertise. If economics is king, marketing is queen, right? Some microblading artists charge more because they feel their time is worth $X or because they want to increase the perceived value of their service. Conversely, some artists are very new or inexperienced and are charging below-market rates because they agree that their work is not yet good enough to charge what the procedure is worth. This is precisely why I myself sometimes run “Model Pricing” specials – because I want to work on a specific technique and I value your trust in me as I practice and perfect my craft before “going to market” at full price. Pricing at Effortless Beauty Clinic is reviewed on a quarterly basis via national, regional, and local market research and price comparison to ensure I am able to provide the best service at the best value to my clients. Feeling beautiful is a right, not a privilege…at least in my world. Our current price for microblading is $500, which includes two sessions. Nanobrows is $700 and only requires a single session.

How should I prepare for my microblading/nanobrows appointment?

Before your appointment, we highly encourage our clients to check out our Instagram and “shop” for eyebrows on our feed. Eyebrows come in many shapes and styles, from feathered to bold, arched to straight. We will work with you to customize your best brows. In the day(s) before your appointment, we recommend avoiding blood thinners, aspirin, alcohol or using retinol creams. We send every client an email the day before their appointment with do’s and don’t’s to ensure a great appointment.

Your Big Brow Day is here! What can you expect?

Let me break it down for you so you can enjoy the process instead of having the kind of anxiety that takes out all the fun of getting glam. Well, there’s going to be a LOT of time spent numbing. I prefer to numb my clients upon arrival for a minimum of 25-30 minutes. As an esthetician previously trained in medical aesthetics and injections, I understand how the skin can swell slightly from the topical lidocaine. However, I’m also trained to be able to see and plan for that response. Anyone who wants to microblade you without numbing you first reminds me of the crazy dentist from Little Shop of Horrors. If that’s your thing, cool. I’d rather minimize your discomfort and rely on my expertise and training. In addition to numbing at the beginning of your appointment, I also numb throughout the entire process. Lots of numbing means lots of free time. I love visiting with my clients. It’s the second-best part about what I do — meeting and getting to know you! But, I also understand that most of you are juggling a million things that women are responsible for managing as CEO of their lives, their families, and their businesses/careers. Use this time to either check out of all that responsibility and indulge in a good fashion magazine, listen to a podcast, or watch something streaming. Or, get that work done with our complimentary WiFi. We have the space to sit and work or relax. What else can you expect? The process of microblading itself is a surprisingly easy experience. After numbing, I will take several before and after pictures. Please be patient during this time as pictures are an important part of tracking your success. (Like any success, we often forget where our journey started. It is good to have a scrapbook of before pictures to reflect upon.) Next, we shape the brows as needed. Then, we draw on a template and consult with one another on the shape, preference, etc. Please remember, human faces are not symmetrical. Our goal is to create sister-brows that are appropriately proportional to your very different sides to your face. Perfect symmetry is creepy and unattractive. Don’t believe me? See these celebrities with symmetrical faces as published by Buzzfeed. Channing Tatum’s makes me sad. Next step? We blade! Yep, we make a first pass – just 8-10 strokes on each side – and let the pigment sit for a few minutes and absorb into the skin. Then, we wipe it off and, you guessed it, we numb again! I TOLD you there was a lot of numbing, didn’t I? After a short wait, we will go in for a second pass, then sitting with pigment, then more numbing, then more work, then sitting with pigment for the final time. After 15 to 20 minutes, we wipe you down and reveal those gorgeous brows! Moral of the story? Get ready for a lot of lounging about, a little bit of patience while I work, and a whole lot of beautiful brow at the finale..

What is your booking policy?

For all semi-permanent cosmetic procedures, a 50% non-refundable booking fee is required to secure an appointment. The remaining balance is due at time of service. If you cancel the appointment within 48 hours, or no call/no show, the booking fee will be forfeited and a second booking fee will be required to re-book. With 24 hours notice, up to two reschedules are allowed and the re-booking fee waived. The third reschedule within 24 hours of an appointment will result in a forfeited booking fee and a re-booking fee being required. Lash appointments require a non-refundable $25 booking fee for all new clients receiving a full set of lashes. 24 hours notice is requested for all cancellations or reschedules on lash appointments. Less than 24 hours will result in forfeiture of the booking fee and a second $25 non-refundable booking fee.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

A 48-hour notice of cancellation and/or reschedule is greatly appreciated, this allows time to contact someone on the waitlist and accommodate them in a timely manner. Cancellations and/or reschedules with less than a 24-hour notice will forfeit any associate non-refundable booking fees and will be charged 50% of the service scheduled. Missed appointments with no notice (aka: No Show) will be charged 100% of the service scheduled. Sometimes things beyond our control come up, such as illness or inclement weather. In those cases, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the owner. Please contact us immediately if you do need to reschedule or cancel.

Refund Policy: In no event shall deposits, booking fees, tips, and/or monies paid for Effortless Beauty Clinic services be refunded to you or your representative.

How do I cancel or reschedule?

Cancellation Notifications or Reschedule Requests may be submitted by contacting:

  • Call/Text: 512-766-8422
  • Email:
  • Facebook or Instagram Messenger
What are your children and/or pet policies?

We love kids! Both with and without fur 🙂 We know how hard it can be to carve out any “you time.“ When we are not in the middle of a pandemic, your Littles are welcome to join you for your appointment, if that works for you. We have complimentary WiFi for all their streaming needs. Fair warning: if you bring your baby, I will ask to hold him/her.

However, due to the current pandemic conditions, children and additional guests are not permitted at this time. Why? Texas guidelines for salon/spa reopening. Additionally, it is my responsibility to you and my other clients to limit the number of touchpoints. I take my responsibility to my clients, co-workers, and daycare provider very seriously and besides work and daycare, I have zero additional touchpoints as a way to keep us all as healthy as possible. Hooray for curbside and delivery!

Unfortunately, dogs and other pets are not allowed in Texas salons or tattoo studios. Please leave all animals at home. The exception is service animals, but we do politely request documentation of their paperwork so we can keep it in your client file. We believe strongly in the work service animals do, and we want them to be able to continue their work as we want to safely and legally continue ours.

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