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Hydro Dermabrasion Facial

The Fan Favorite for those whose main concerns are blackheads, dullness, and time. Especially great for tweens and teens as extractions are painless.

It’s truly possible to transform the skin in less than an hour. This treatment will have you running for the mirror. Hydra microdermabrasion provides a thorough cleansing, resurfacing, and hydration treatment using the power of water, anti-aging peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and hydrating serums.  This 5 step treatment cleanses, exfoliates, and extracts dirt and debris from the pores using the power of water and vacuum suction, followed by serum and oxygen infusion. The skin is left beautifully clean, smooth, plumped, and hydrated!

$150 – 60 Minutes

Please note this facial does not include massage, however, it may be added on for only $15. 

The Baby Unicorn Bum Facial

Funny name; jaw-dropping results. This is for the woman who wants a smooth, hydrated, luminous glow. First, I begin your facial with a head, neck, and face massage designed to begin lymphatic drainage and fascia release. Next, I use a mechanical exfoliation to remove dead, dull skin. Then, we infuse targeted hydration and stem cell therapy deep into the cells using the Rezenerate Nanoneedling Pen. This achieves similar collagen and elastin repair as microneedling, without the downtime. After the nanoneedling we will calm the skin into hydrated bliss with a cooling skin globe massage and a Marine Mermaid Mask. Green algae will calm, cool, and hydrate the skin to bring about the most amazing glow you’ve ever seen on yourself. Results really come to light the following day when your skin seems to glow from within.

$225 – 60 Minutes

Custom Facial

Experience the ultimate transformation with a customized facial treatment designed just for YOU! This is no ordinary spa session—every move I make, backed by all my advanced modalities and techniques, will help to sculpt your face into its most glowing version. We’ll start cleansing and exfoliating before applying multiple serums tailored perfectly to your skin’s needs. Relax as we massage away tension and flush out toxins through lymphatic drainage & cupping, buccal massage, or cryo treatments; depending on what you need today, extractions may also be included if required. Afterward? You’ll leave feeling refreshed & radiant – ready to take on anything that comes your way in this glowy state! For best results, stick with every four weeks. The 90 Minute facial includes everything in 75 min plus a complete microcurrent treatment, advanced chemical or manual exfoliation, and/or collagen treatment.

*Modalities Include Microcurrent, Hydro Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic Spatula, High-Frequency Wand, LED Light, Osmosis Non-Acid Peel, Age Defying Enzymes, Nanoneedling pen to enhance collagen production, gua sha, and facial massage.

$125 – 50 Minutes

$140 – 75 Minutes

$199 – 90 Minutes


Microcurrent is pilates for your face. Receive all the beneficial treatments of the luxury facial plus 25 minutes of microcurrent therapy to lift, sculpt, and contour the facials muscles. Forget the Botox and return your facial muscles to where they are meant to be – lifted and toned.

$170 – 60 Minutes

$1,015 – for a package of eight 60-min sessions over 4 weeks

Lip Blushing

Lip Blush is a long-lasting, natural-looking solution having to wear lipstick every day. Lip Blush is known by many names, Aquarelle Lips, Lush Lips, Watercolor, Kissable Lips, just to name a few, but regardless of what it is called, it is a cosmetic tattoo treatment or Lips PMU (Permanent Makeup) for the enhancement of your natural lip color.

Lip Blush treatments can range from very natural to a more intense matte lipstick healed result. Results can last anywhere from 2-5 years, depending on pigments used, lifestyle, skincare, and upkeep.

1st Session: $850

Lip Blush is for clients who wish to enhance / even out their natural color or wish to have a more dramatic overall lip color.

Lip Blush will give you kissable lips all day, every day, without the hassle of lips stains or lipsticks by enhancing your lip color and accentuating your natural shape for your perfect pout.

2nd Session: $0

Two sessions are required for lip blushing. The second session is complimentary.

*If you have had previous work done with another artist a $25 consultation is required; the consultation fee can be applied towards cost of service. It may be determined that your brows fall into the “corrective” category. If this is the case, we will discuss other options and pricing. Your satisfaction and confidence in your brows is my primary concern and responsibility to you.

Microblading, Nanobrows, & Combination Brows

Microblading, Nanobrows, and Powder Brows are types of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos. They are semi-permanent because of the type of pigment used in micropigmentation as well as the depth the pigment is implanted in the skin during micropigmentation procedures. The difference between microblading and nanobrows is that microblading is done with a manual tool to create hairstrokes, while nanobrows is performed with a handheld cosmetic tattoo device to create hairstrokes. Powder Brows or Combo Brows also uses the same handheld cosmetic tattoo device but a different technique to create a velvety soft powdered effect – as if you had filled in your brows with a soft brow powder.

Combination Brows – Hairstrokes + Shading:

Ideal for those clients who have sparse tails, gaps in the brow shape, or very little brow at all. A combination of hairstrokes & a powdery soft filled in effect. Strokes will either be done via microblading or digital device, determined by Georgia based on your skin type/health. 


We use the highest quality pigments for a more natural look that lasts for years. Our Pigmentologist is world renowned and has over 10 years of experience in Microblading. All sessions are done with extreme attention to detail and safety.

All brow services are priced the same so that we can provide every client with the best brow for them, not the brow their budget dictates. Session 1 is $500, and Session 2 is $250. Annual Touch-Ups are $350.

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