Myth: Don’t get your lash extensions wet. Ever!

Reality: Clean lashes IMPROVE your lash extension retention and extend the life of your investment.

Feels weird? Here’s a quick tutorial from our Effortless Beauty, Krista, on how to quickly and easily clean your lashes.

Tools Needed:

  1. Your favorite lash cleanser.
  2. A clean eye shadow brush.
  3. Clean water.
  4. Clean cloth or towel.

Step by Step How To:

  1. Disperse 1/2 pump of cleanser into the cap of the cleanser bottle.
  2. Use eye shadow brush to swirl around in cap and then apply to the lashes.
  3. Do one eye completely and then move on to the second eye.
  4. In a downward motion, gently swipe eye shadow brush with cleanser through the lash line. Focus on getting the bristles between the lashes to clean all the way to the eyelid where all the germs and other offenders can take up residency.
  5. Next, rinse out the brush and cap with clean water and refill with clean water.
  6. Again swirl the shadow brush to wet.
  7. Using the same downward motion, use water only to gently rinse through the lashes.
  8. To finish, take a clean cloth or towel to gently pat the lashes dry.
  9. Repeat on second eye.

Seem confusing? Please watch our instructional video below. It’s really easy!

Let me know how it goes!



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