Acne breakouts on the jawline, cheeks, chin, neck, back & chest! When does it end?

Not in our teens apparently! Ugh!

Have no fear! I have just the thing to help. The clients I have using this product are seeing amazing results beginning in days, not months.

What is it?

Skin Defense by Osmosis!

Skin Defense is my favorite skincare secret for my clients battling acne.

Research estimates that our bodies process one million toxins per day. Skin Defense is a powerful combination of the most effective detox strategies available. By binding and removing heavy metals, estrogen toxins, pesticides, plastics, and food preservatives, Skin Defense will help transform your health, restore hormone balance, clear acne, and strengthen the immune system. Revealing a clearer complexion and a healthier you!

$48 and available for shipping or local pickup at the studio. Email me to order, or even better, use that Book Now button above to schedule a Custom Facial to kickstart your #clearskinlife.

Don’t have acne yourself but know and love someone who does? Please forward them this email. They will receive $20 off their first service and you’ll receive a credit for $25 off your next service. #sharethelove

I love finding solutions to your skin/brow/lash problems. It is 100% why I am in this business. Please reach out to me with any questions! DM’s on IG, Emails, Text, Phone Call…whatever works for you, I’m here.

Take care and be safe! I can’t wait to see you soon!



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