If you’re like most women, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money trying to perfect your lip color. Maybe you’ve even tried a few different trends, like ombre lips or the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. But there’s a new trend in town that’s taking Austin, TX, by storm – lip blushing!

Lip blushing is a form of permanent makeup that gives your lips a natural flush of color. Unlike traditional lipstick or lip stains, lip blush lasts for 18-36 months so that you can kiss your daily lip routine goodbye! Plus, there’s no need to worry about your color fading or bleeding – lip blushes are designed to give you long-lasting results.

Smiling after lip blushing austinHow Does Lip Blushing Work?

Lip blushing is a multi-step process that begins with color selection and lip design. Next, we outline the lips using the pigment and a fine acupuncture-like needle to open the skin and create our outline. Next, we numb your lips so the color can be applied evenly and with minimal discomfort. Finally, the lips are filled in with 1 or 2 passes. The result is a natural-looking flush of color that lasts for a year or more!

What Are the Benefits of Lip Blushing?

There are many benefits of lip blushing, including the following:

– Eliminating the need to wear daily lipstick or lip gloss

– Saving time on your morning makeup routine

– Giving your lips a natural flush of color

– Correcting uneven pigmentation

– Creating the appearance of fuller lips.

Lip blushing is the latest beauty trend sweeping Austin, TX – and for a good reason! This permanent makeup treatment gives your lips a natural flush of color that lasts for months. So If you’re ready to ditch your daily lip routine and try something new, contact us today to schedule a consultation and see if lip blushing is right for you!

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